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Alaska, Nushagak Bay tides predictions

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Alaska, Nushagak Bay

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I spent a week with five good friends and my two sons at the Nushagak River Lodge in Alaska fishing and relaxing. Two of my friends have fished in 7 different locations in Alaska and I relied on them to make reservations for what I hoped to be a once in a lifetime experience fishing in Alaska. The experience was beyond my expectations. The accommodations and the food at the lodge were exceptional. Rick and Nelda were charming hosts. If I had known how good the fishing would be, I would have made this trip years ago. It was a blast watching my two sons catching silvers non stop. We all caught our limits by 9 in the morning and we caught and released the rest of the day. We booked our trip for next year before we left the lodge. Contact me if your interested in hearing more.